Prob140 Library
September 2016 - January 2019
A python library I built with Dibya Ghosh for Prob140. The prob140 library currently supports graphical visualizations and provides computational tools for finite, infinite, joint, and continuous probability distributions as well as Markov Chains and other random processes.
  • Python
  • Matplotlib
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • SymPy
  • Robot Motion Retargeting using RGB Video
    Spring 2018
    Final project for CS280 with Allen Guo and Dibya Ghosh. Uses VNect's architecture (Mehta et al 2017) to regress 3D heatmaps of human joint locations. We compute the inverse kinematics of the skeleton to retarget the pose to a Kinova Jaco 7-dof manipulator.
  • Caffe
  • Matlab
  • OpenRAVE
  • Letters Classifier Demo
    June - July 2017
    An ensemble of seven-layer convolutional neural networks to predict handwritten letters with a validation accuracy of 95%. Trained with an augmented dataset of 1 million training images regularized with L2 and dropout. Optimized using ADAM. The model is written with Tensorflow and the front-end interface is developed with Flask.
  • Python
  • TensorFlow